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Talking Tire Chalk At The ParkingZone!

Chalk is one of the most commonly used tools in the parking industry. As simple as a piece of chalk is, it is a versatile necessity for police officers, traffic enforcement, parking lot managers and valet operators. It can mark nearly any surface while remaining completely temporary and non-toxic, as well as kept in a pocket, pouch, or on the end of a ParkingZone chalk stick. Check out some of the chalk-related products we offer!


While visiting Palm Springs for the NPA conference the ParkingZone team ran into a Palm Springs parking enforcement officer who was using our ParkingZone 90 Degree Chalk Stick. When asked about his opinion on the product, he said he “had used it for a while and still worked well” and “helped make making tires easier and quicker”. Our Chalk Sticks are Made in the USA and are the best in the industry for tire marking. The extendable handle allows for adjustment, and with two different tip options and an optional Chalk Pouch, this Chalk Stick is a durable product with multiple options.

ParkingZone Adjustable Chalk Stick

ParkingZone Chalk Stick Pouch

Our chalk is the best quality Industrial Chalk available to the parking industry. The ParkingZone offers 4 different, high-saturation colors including Yellow, White, Blue, and Red. Our Chalk Sticks can be ordered in a single case of 72 pieces, or you can save money by ordering two cases for 144 pieces. The twin-packs can be ordered with the same color, or two different colors, that way you can carry a different color or a spare in the ParkingZone Chalk Stick Pouch!

ParkingZone Tire Chalk Sticks

ParkingZone Chalk Stick Pouch


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