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4 Technologies That Are Transforming The Parking Industry

When people think “high tech,” the parking lot industry isn’t always their next thought. New innovations in mobile and energy saving technologies are changing the industry, however. These changes are helping parking lot and garage owners stay profitable in a time where costs and societal changes are putting pressure on their finances.

The cost of operating parking structures has increased, and an anticipated trend of fewer cars on the road thanks to automated vehicles and convenient ride share services may reduce revenues. Parking facilities can stay profitable by offering convenience to their clients.

New smartphone apps making finding parking facilities with open spaces easier than ever before. Electronic charging stations in parking facilities offer owners of electric-only cars a convenient charging option while they’re at work or visiting an urban area. New lighting technologies are reducing a major cost to parking facility owners. Image recognition technologies are helping parking structure owners crack down on fraudulent users of their facilities.

To learn more about how technology is changing the industry, check out this infographic from ParkingZone.

4 Technologies That Are Transforming The Parking Industry Infographic

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