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Alternative Fuels: Powering Tomorrow

With the looming restrictions on exhaust gasses and ever-decreasing supply of fossil fuels,
many see the survival of the automobile at stake. But is it really? Technology is helping bridge
the gap between the transportation of today and the future. Though the number of younger drivers has showimagebeen on a decline for the last 30 years, the amount of registered light vehicles in the U.S. is at an all-time high. Not only did Americans buy more cars in 2014 than they normally do, but they discarded less as well.920x920


Technology is appealing to all drivers as    it simplifies something that the average person spends over four years of their lifetime doing. Some of the technology being implemented on today’s roadways includes gasoline-electric hybrid technology, wireless-charging roadways, biofuels, pure-electric drivetrain-based vehicles, and compressed natural gas. Sales of these alternatively-fueled vehicles, has helped bolster the auto industry, and keep cars as the main form of transportation.

By 2025 all light-duty vehicles will have to meet strict EPA guidelines ensuring that 54 miles per gallon is achieved. Many different engineering solutions have been sourced to help achieve this task. Turbo-charging, or forced induction by means of exhaust gasses, has become increasingly Turbochargerpopular on the consumer vehicle market; 75% of the European new-car market being turbo-gasoline or turbo-diesel engines. Prevalence in the American auto market is currently at around 20-25%, but is predicted to grow to 38% by 2021.

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