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Amenities boost profits in Parking Lots

Parking lot operators are always looking for opportunities to increase profits. As always, the key factor is the need to keep their occupancy rates high.

Most off-street parking customers look at location convenience as the driving criteria for where they choose to park. After all, the average parking customer, generally thinks of parking as just a space in a “Parking Garage”. They believe parking rates are fairly competitive throughout their region, so offering current technological amenities to your customers can set your parking establishment apart from your competition. Certain upscale offerings can change how customers perceive your parking facility, as not just a commodity but a destination in itself.

EV-Charging-Station-JSCBoost Parking Occupancy Rates

One way to differentiate yourself from your competitors is to install electric vehicle charging stations, also called EV charging stations. With the growing popularity of electric vehicles (EV), offering EV charging stations will open up new opportunities to service this select consumer set. It will attract not only owners of EVs, but also appeal to owners of non-electric vehicles who support sustainable business practices, ensuring more parking slots are occupied.

EV-charging-station-7Increase Parking Lot Revenues

Installing a few EV charging stations can place you in the position to generate additional revenue. EV charging stations are significantly faster then powering up at home and this convenience could be a priority to some EV owners. Now, instead of just billing for parking, you can now receive additional revenues by providing the service to re-charge their cars as well. Your customers will appreciate that you've made EV charging stations available, which means you will gain returning customers.

Improve Your Image

Advertising your sustainable practices to the growing number of eco-conscience consumers will create a lasting impression. It will attract attention as well as loyal customers in EV and non-EV owners as well.

Established in 1987, the ParkingZone distributes a variety of parking supplies and valet equipment while providing solutions for traffic enforcement and revenue management to the parking industry.

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