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Auction Websites: Providing a Marketplace for Niche Industries

paypal-phone-660x370Auction websites have become the prominent resource for niche markets looking for a marketplace. Anything can be found for sale online, nowadays; from sports memorabilia to aftermarket car parts, Legos to home theatre electronics. PayPal was founded in 1998 by a few investors, including a young Elon Musk. It revolutionized the way transactions happened online, and with it, one large storefront followed by a network of smaller niche markets developed.

Ebay has long been the prominent force in online auctions, but with millions of listings on the site at one time, finding what you need has proven difficult for some. Market-specific sites have pn-20100331170703-2jpg-51a4f2ca3fc74b4ffollowed in the wake of Ebay, providing a more direct transaction for industry-knowledgeable individuals. If you collect baseball cards or sports memorabilia, chances are you have heard of Pristine Auction. This site specializes in different sports collectibles, so all of the pictures, information provided, and listings, are catered to the sports enthusiast and collector.

The parking industry is missing this source that bridges the gap between different companies and individuals. There is no chance for finding discontinued Federal APD equipment, or surplus safety vests on a large site with the guarantee that it is what you need.

The ParkingZone is happy to introduce its solution, ParkingZone Auction House. Designed by and for the parking industry with our years of experience and knowledge, we hope to provide a space where all kinds of operations can find the equipment and supplies they need to run cost-effectively.

For all early adopters, we are willing to wave all listing fees for the first month of service.  We hope to see you on the storefront, where one's surplus parking supplies, are another's treasure!


Call the Parking Zone to learn more about the ParkingZone Auction House today!

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