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Bad Parking Beware: Parking Enforcement Tools and Supplies

blog-1455438865Parking and traffic enforcement is important for all operations within a city to maintain order and civility. Whether it is a police force, a parking garage, or a college campus, making sure vehicles braking the law are properly handled is incredibly important. The ParkingZone offers a wide variety of enforcement products and tools surely to help make your job easier, from reflective safety vests and tape, to wheel boots and chalk sticks. Come along this week, and check out some of the things that can help catch and stop bad and unwanted parkers!

adjustable-chalk-stick-tire-marker-48-inch-pcchkstick_1Chalk is a quick and efficient way of marking vehicles for count or violation, and we offer the best in the industry. Our chalk sticks are made here at The ParkingZone, and are assembled with durable and quality components. Able to fit most standard sized sidewalk chalk or our parking-specific colored chalk, our chalk sticks come in two different versions, one with a straight 180 degree end, and the other with a 90 degree bent end. The handle extends to allow use without bending over, as well as customizability to the user. We also offer a pouch that attaches to the handle of every chalk stick so that extra chalk can be carried, without the mess of carrying it on your person. Our chalk can be ordered in standard white, yellow, blue, and red.


rhino-boot-2_origWheel boots are among the most effective immobilization tools available to parking enforcement officers. These devices lock onto the wheel of different vehicles to render it functionless and unable to move without serious risk of heavy damage. The Rhino boots we offer are the most well-made and least tampered with in the industry. The notice tags that we also offer compliment these heavy-duty steel, the most fitting prize for bad parking contestants!1686029



Safety is always The ParkingZone’s number one priority, and for the enforcement officers and parking attendants out there during the dark and dangerous winter months, we offer a few high-visibility fluorescent vests. Available in both a coated nylon and soft polyester, each vest can be ordered in traffic orange and fluorescent lime.


The ParkingZone is committed to offering the very best products to the industry. With our extensive knowledge and product selection, we are sure you will find what you are looking for on our website. Sales associates are available during regular business hours Monday through Friday, and are happy to help answer any questions you might have, or help you find that hard-to-find product.

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