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Batteries Becoming an Integral Piece in the Parking Industry.

You've probably seen pictures of Tesla's upcoming Model S luxury sedan. Here's a photo of the battery pack thatwill make it run.Batteries have seen steady development over their lifetime since they were first termed in the late 18th century. With the demand for consumer electronics growing by the year, new technologies are constantly being developed in order to affect all industries. Rechargeable batteries have seen vast improvements in the past 30 years, with packaging shrinking considerably. Now needing improvement are the charging rates and the battery life, but thanks to some researchers, we may be closer to those goals.

Not long ago, cellphones were the size of a shoebox largely due to a large battery pack. Batteries now power all kinds of micro-sized electronics, from the sliver-thin Apple iPhone 6s, to the smallest Fitbit bracelets. Most of these types of electronics with rechargeable batteries use lithium-ion batteries. First developed in the 70’s, lithium-ion batteries later saw improvements in their design during the early 2000’s.aD3oxevif6k36Ahh

Through the years 2002 to 2004, Yet-Ming Chiang developed multiple improvements to this style of battery with his team of scientists at MIT. Remembering back, smaller devices began flooding the market around this time using highly commercialized versions of these newly updated lithium-ion batteries. Devices shortly became incredibly small and portable with battery life not being compromised.

evolution-of-cell-phones-resulting-from-rdWith electric vehicles becoming more prominent in the automotive industry, an update to existing technology would help bolster their popularity by addressing one of the largest downfalls to electric drivetrains, range. Batteries in development or being currently tested, include types such as aluminum-ion, sodium-ion, and lithium sulfur. With consistent improvement, we can see implementation of new battery types within the next 10 years, and with them, another wave of technological revolution for the parking industry.

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