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The TurboFlare™ is the world's first effective 360° Electronic Road Flare with ultra bright LEDs.  The TurboFlare replaces the environmentally caustic, traditional incendiary road flares that can also cause human health issues and are a fire and burn hazard.

The TurboFlare was originally developed for first responders (police, fire and rescue) for a safe solution in emergency situations.  Its use has since broadened into multiple markets; DOT, public utilities, off-road, mining and refinery companies have use the TurboFlare and it's application is growing in the trucking industry.

Unlike traditional incendiary road flares, The TurboFlare is also environmentally safe. All incendiary flares use a caustic, flammable mixture that is also water soluble.  This means that every flare left on the roadside will eventually leach their chemicals into our water.  One unused road flare left on a highway can contaminate 300,000 gallons of water above public health benchmark levels.  In addition, incendiary flares release toxic gases when they burn, and if the poisonous NO2 is inhaled, it can cause lung edema in overexposure.

For these reasons, By law, incendiary flares are not to be used with the tractor trailer industry.

TurboFlare4Turboflare™ AA Electronic Road Flare

  • 360° degree rotation with 20 ultra bright output LEDs
  • Uses 4 -  AA  Alkaline Batteries that will last for 80 hours of continuous use
  • TurboFlare™ AA:  1-Year warranty against manufacturers defects
  • Weatherproof "O" Ring Seal
  • Spring-Loaded, moisture resistant ON/OFF switch
  • Extremely durable, made of Super strong Dupont SurlynNon-Toxic
  • Environmentally safe

The TurboFlare is the safe alternative to a incendiary road flare that is less costly to operate and reusable while eliminating hazards to humans and the environment alike.

TurboFlare  - Case of 3 - $102.00


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