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Choosing The Right Replacement Barrier Gate Arm

When a barrier gate arm gets damaged, it can impede or even halt the traffic flow, disrupting the entire parking operation and increasing unnecessary man hours. Quickly receiving a replacement gate arm to restore the parking facility’s “normal” is equally critical.

The most common options available for barrier gate arm replacements are the material in which they are constructed. Aluminum Gate arms are extremely popular and so are the lightweight PVC Gate Arms, although wooden gates are still available, they are considered bulky and obsolete.

The Aluminum and PVC gate arms are favorable options, unfortunately both are still very susceptible to damage when a vehicle collides with one. Let’s consider the benefits of each of these gate arms.

varioboom-gate-arm-CC-ma10vbsALUMINUM GATE ARMS

  • Extremely durable and rigid
  • Designed for high traffic areas
  • Longer arm length available in some cases
  • Most have foam edge protection to reduce auto damage
  • Easy to install to model specific operators


  • Lightweight PVC plastic design
  • Designed for high traffic areas
  • Lightweight construction means less risk of damaging automobiles
  • Damaged arms will crease at the gate bracket allowing the arm to be trimmed and reused as an 8 1/2 foot length
  • Can cost 80% less than Aluminum Gate Arms
  • Inexpensive Freight costs per gate
  • Easy to install with PVC Gate Arm Bracket Kit

Getting your parking facility back to running efficiently is important to reduce customer frustration, but looking at long-term functionality can help mitigate future downtime while maintaining an eye on unnecessary expenses.

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