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Cleaning up the Parking Industry

An excavator crushes trash at the Anchorage Landfill, Aug. 21. The landfill provides the methane that powers the newly constructed Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Landfill Gas Plant. (U.S. Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Brian Ferguson)The United States currently produces over 250 million tons of garbage a year, with that number continuing to rise. However, recycling has become increasingly prominent in recent years, and there are many ways that the parking industry can become more environmentally efficient. Products catering to the conversion of waste to recyclables, as well as choosing products made of recyclable materials, can help reduce operating costs.

Rubber_Speed_BumpIn 2013, roughly 88 million tons of recyclable material was diverted from landfills, which
prevented the release of 186 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere; the equivalent of 39 million cars driving on the road for a year. By switching to delineators, speed bumps, and wheel stops made of recyclable or recycled material, for example, waste would be greatly reduced, lowering the price of the product and the cost of carbon dioxide if replaced.

The parking industry is in a great position to influence, on both a domestic and international scale, ecologically-conscious behavior. Many parking lots I’ve personally known run off of expensive high-pressure sodium or halogen lighting systems, where LED systems could both remove the waste factor of burnt bulbs, but save the operators tens of thousands of dollars a year.

143896Waste diversion saves money by keeping recyclable material useable and in a closed-loop production cycle. On average, a recycled aluminum soda can may be processed and used again in less than 60 days. This perpetual cycle of re-usable materials promotes less production of new, perishable materials. Systems such as our GreenDrop recycling stations, offer intuitive sorting, maximizing waste diversion rates in any facility.

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