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East Coast Invasion; Car Parking Robots!

Parking-garageParking garages seem like one of the simplest designs in the parking industry; a large, concrete and steel building built hollow with ramps and parking stalls from basement to roof. These structures are due to see a re-design to better reflect the technology driven times we live in. One lot is currently under development in New Jersey that could change the way we park cars here in the states.

Unitronics Systems Inc. is currently developing an automated garage to be opened in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, is slated to be completed at some point in 2017. The garage would not be the first of its kind in the United States, but it will be the largest at over 350 cars, and the newest technology and autonomous parking capabilities allow the capacity of a 10-story garage within a 4-story frame, drastically reducing the space needed for such a facility and allowing more space for retail and living.
Automated parking systems have become 25park_spanever-increasingly popular in Japan, where 1.6 million parking spaces are handled autonomously; they are at the world’s forefront of architectural design in response to urbanization in this regard. Space is becoming a rare commodity, and the parking industry will necessitate creativity in order to solve the space problem in urban environments.

14-croppedAlso removed from the equation is the human factor. Without people getting in and out of tightly packed spaces, less incidents between vehicles would occur, easing the burden on management. Parking lot accidents can damage equipment, vehicles, the structure itself, and sometimes customers. Allowing an animatronic machine to robotically park your car for you, the risk of door dings would vanish.

Will autonomous parking structures be the next big trend in the parking world? Time will tell with this new installation, but all eyes will be affixed as to see the market potential. With a resounding push towards futuristic technology and conscious urban-focused architecture, the international success reflects what should be, a market-changing design.parkinggarage

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