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Gorillas on the Loose: Drivable Delineators

drivable-soil-base-gorilla-post-gpdr48-bent_1With the summer comes more outdoor activities and warm weather, as well as a new exciting product at the ParkingZone. Since the early 2000’s, The ParkingZone has offered its unique line of Gorilla Post products, the best solution for temporary or permanent impact resistant delineation. Previously restricted to solid surfaces, the brand new Drivable Delineator Gorilla Post offers the same mountable signage options, and impact resistant flexibility, and customizability that have become synonymous with the entire Gorilla Post Line.

drivable-soil-base-gorilla-post-gpdr48_1The Gorilla Post product line has the unique feature of adding signage to posts, allowing customizable and interchangeable solutions for your facility. Certain locations at a grass overflow surface lot can be designated for VIP or Handicap parking for a single event, and moved to a different location for another event. This flexibility offers a unique flexibility and creativity other delineator solutions lack.

drivable-soil-base-gorilla-post-2_1The new Drivable Delineator uses a metal tubing base that is driven into the desired loose surface, allowing for the post to flex, reducing the risk for damage to the post or vehicle during a collision. The resilience of these posts is much higher than that of anormal sign post sunk into concrete, with the ability to be pushed over perpendicular to the ground and rebound without deformation.

drivable-soil-base-gorilla-post-1_1Following the unique requests of each customer, Drivable Base Gorilla Posts offers the same customizability as the Solid Surface mounted posts. A wide range of post and stripe colors, signs, and custom-ordered heights are available. Here at The
ParkingZone, we strive to meet the unique challenges of every customer, and pride ourselves in our Customer Service. If you need help planning a project, finding a product, or any other questions, feel free to call us toll-free at 1-800-292-7275.

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