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Keeping Card Readers Clean: The Basics and Helpful Tips


With the transition into the current century, cash is becoming less common in day to day transactions. Roughly 80% of all sales transactions in the United States are done electronically with some form of card. Concurrently, 100% of 18 to 29-year-olds in a recent survey reported using their debit or credit cards in a sales transaction at least once, every single day. Maintaining the expensive card machines and readers is necessary to stay with the dominating trends, and The ParkingZone is here to help you keep clean and run smoothly!

KW3-HSCB40_usage_Pay at the pumpThese all-purpose and versatile cleaning cards by Waffletechnology are the best and safest way to clean your expensive card reading equipment. Designed to be used for all kinds of card readers, including the newest chip and pin readers, we can guarantee that your readers will continue to be functional and reliable with these cleaning cards. Point of Sale systems, automated parking lot machines, parking ticket readers, bill readers, and the newest chip card readers will get dirt all the same, but our large 40-pack of individually packaged and sterile pads will clean any and every card reader!

snap_cleaning_swabs_kwk1spsz50Isopropyl alcohol is safe and evaporates without residue for a safe option to clean most inner system electronics. For systems and machines that can be opened to expose boards, readers and other components, these wipes are essential. Dust and dirt on electronic components can create excess heat and shorten the life of your equipment. Cleaning electronics will save you money and keep your equipment performing. Our pack of 50 will either last you a while or service all your equipment!

lucky-stripe-waffletechnology-bill-acceptor-cleaning-cards-with-miracle-magic-15-cards-boxWaffletechnology has the best cleaning cards on the market, and if you are servicing a machine that also accepts bills, the Waffletechnology bill validator cleaning cards are a great way to make sure that your machine is functioning properly 100% and does not reject currency to a frustrated customer. Paper money can capture large amounts of oil and residue from being handled along the duration of its lifetime. This is transferred onto your machine, shortening the length of its functionality! Prevent that from happening with our 15-pack of specially designed, and pre-saturated cleaning cards.


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