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Parkémon: Gotta' Park 'em All!


The stratosphere has once again exploded with Pokémon, but instead of hiding in their houses to play the latest viral video game, people are flocking to cities and urban areas all over the world en masse to catch and collect digital creatures. Are young children interested in this Pokémon Go? Absolutely. But surprisingly, the majority of those affected has been the 21 and over crowd. With millions now catching the Pokémon fever once again, how can you expect the parking industry to react, and what does it mean for the future?


Pokémon became a global pop-culture phenomenon in the late 90’s, spawning trading cards, video games, movies, and television shows. After slowly fading from the spotlight and having been pushed to the back of many bedroom closets, Pokémon Go exploded back on the scene in the first week of July for both Apple and Android based smartphones, quickly outpacing Tinder, Twitter, and Snapchat as the most used and downloaded phone app in U.S. history. Nintendo saw a massive stock price gain, nonchalantly passing 7.5 billion dollars in growth in as little as a few days.

maxresdefaultThis success seems to be no fluke either, with the success continuing, despite a handful of minor glitches and overloaded servers. Entrepreneurs have quickly found that the augmented-reality portion of the game helps get more people out and into their businesses. Bars, restaurants, and other similar establishments are using in-game purchases to “lure” players to their location. Millions of players are quickly finding themselves forced to venture out and engage with the world around them much more than ever before.art_poke6

With the game’s central map system based around Google Maps, players find themselves exploring on real-life roads and pathways, in parks, to landmarks and waypoints all over the world. The parking industry is in a great position to capitalize on all the people now out and about in the cities. On-street parking has undoubtedly been affected in more densely populated areas near these checkpoints, as have been parking garages and parking lots. The ParkingZone is always up to the task of fulfilling your parking needs, especially if you have a Pokémon problem!

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