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Parking Space Sizing and Design

CAR-PIC     America has over 250 million registered vehicles on its roads, but how you organize and park a car for almost every citizen? Parking spaces of course. With three common styles of design, parking spaces have long been a solution to organizing vehicles either on street, in parking lots, or in parking garages. Parallel, perpendicular, and angled are the three different styles, and each has its own particular purpose and design.

parking-meter     Each city and state has its own set of guidelines pertaining to the dimension and placement of parking stalls, so many end up being unique to their respective project or installation. Parallel parking stalls generally take more space than their counterparts. However, these stalls can be used to supplement existing structures or space layouts, and when used along roadways, keeps a narrow flow of traffic. Parallel parking can also be seen as the most convenient way of pulling a car into and out of moving traffic.

Perpendicular parking is great for being used in parking lots and in parking garages, as that is where they are found most frequent. This style of parking space allows the greatest amount of cars to be packed into the tightest area possible. Unlike angle parking, you aren’t forced to dealalbeo-garage-interior with an empty space or awkwardly shaped area at the end of each row. The drawback, like angle parking though, is that you have to reverse back into traffic with the exception of middle islands or rows designed to be driven straight through.

Angle parking is the awkward but efficient cousin of perpendicular parking. With a slight angle, typically 30, 45 or 60 degrees, instead of a shard 90 degree turn, ingress and egress is made vastly easier. Because the action of pulling into and out of the spot is made easier, these kind of spaces are typically found along roads in urban environments. The drawback of these types is that longer cars stick out into the road more whereas in a parallel spot, the flow of traffic would be unaffected. Like perpendicular stalls, a natural blind spot is created when pulling out into traffic.

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