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ParkingZone Auction House eliminates Listing Fees on the only internet-based, surplus parking equipment auction marketplace for the entire month of August.


VANCOUVER, WA, (July 20, 2016) - Pacific Cascade Corporation launched its on-line auction platform, the ParkingZone Auction House website last April with great support and anticipation.   The Auction House division complements their existing ParkingZone website.  Not only can you search the nation’s largest e-commerce provider of new Parking Lot Equipment, Traffic Enforcement, and Valet Supplies, there’s now a platform where used parking and traffic industry specific items can be bought and auctioned.

Seeing a void in the Parking Industry, Pacific Cascade realized an under-utilized service.  “Over the years, many of our clients have asked us to find solutions to give them a cost-effective way to either find used or discontinued items, while others are aware their older parking items they have in storage have value”, said Mark Curtis, President of Pacific Cascade Corporation.  “Buyers may not need the latest product as a solution, they may need replacement parts for future use.  The site can be used by sellers to post something as simple as a barricade or an extensive pay station that is gathering dust in a crowded storage room.  We want to be that resource to help them save money, make money, or solve a problem.”

No Listing Fees for posting in August

Generally, auction websites charge a small listing fee to the seller to offer an item, but the ParkingZone Auction House is waiving those fees for those who sign-up and sell items in the month of August.  “Giving our customers the opportunity to create a revenue stream or save money is our objective.  For the month of August, ParkingZone Auction House is eliminating any listing fees to further promote and support the Parking Industry”, said Ethan Curtis, who oversees the auction site.  “We want to give our associates an opportunity to test-drive the auction site and see how it preforms”.

ParkingZone Auction House was designed to exclusively showcase only parking, traffic, and valet supplies, making it easy to find those categories and not have to sift through hundreds of other industry segments.  “We want to be a resource for both parking industry professionals and consumers, and give them a definitive portal to sell and acquire parking items”, added Ethan.

Visit to see how to sell a product or purchase a gently used item.

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ABOUT PACIFIC CASCADE CORPORATION - Since 1987, Pacific Cascade Corporation has been providing the Parking, Hospitality, Traffic Enforcement, and Environmental Sustainability Industries with products to manage and support their effective operational needs.

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