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Safety Spooktacular Deals Are Scary Good!

The Fall is highlighted by dark nights, fog, rain, and other inclement weather, so it’s best to be prepared for those early evenings. This Halloween, we are bringing you deals on some of our best and most popular safety products. Safety is no accident, so stock up on Fluorescent Safety Vests, LED Signal Lights and Safety Wands, and Glo Gloves with Safety Spooktacular! These products help keep you bright and visible to drivers and everyone else, especially during evening and night hours. This is a limited-time offer, so make sure to check out this offer quickly before it vanishes!

First up are our Soft Poly and Coated Nylon Orange Safety Vests! These two vests are the industry standard for a reason. The durable Coated Nylon Orange Vests are rugged enough for any work environment, and the Soft Poly Orange Vests feature a silver and yellow Reflective striping that leaves you visible and safe to motorists. The Soft Poly Orange vests are on sale at $184.50 per case of 20 vests, and the Coated Nylon Orange vests are only $310.50 for a case of 45 vests! A savings of $20.50, and $34.50 respectively!

Next up is our range of LED Safety Wands and LED Signal Lights! We are proud to offer the most durable and high-quality Traffic Safety Wands available! The ParkingZone has personally overseen the redesign of our Multi-Mode Highlighter Yellow and Fluorescent Orange Safety Wands. Now on sale for $15.00, down from $20.00 per wand, these LED Safety Wands are built to last hundreds of hours on replaceable C-Cell Batteries, and withstand small drops, without fault. As an alternative and featuring a wrist loop and a simple flashing mode, our Safety Signal lights provide excellent brightness and visibility from D-Cell Battery powered LED lights. These well-built and reliable Signal Lights are now only $15.00 per single 12” wand down from $25.00, and $160.50 for a case of 12, 9” wands, down from $214.00.

Last are our functional and popular Glo Gloves! These gloves are designed for the user to direct traffic and keep their hands free at the same time with reflective knuckles and palms stitched onto durable, fingerless gloves. This allows the user to handle cash, use a flashing wand, use a cell phone paying device, or anything else that involves keeping your hands free while also staying visible. This great night-time staple is being discounted to $20.00 a pair down from $24.00!

Remember, this is a Limited Time Offer, and will not be lasting past Halloween, so make sure to act quickly and pick up these Fall essentials now! If you have any questions about this deal or any of the products featured, make sure to chat with us online or give us a call!


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