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Social Media: The Future of Business Connectivity

Social media platforms are ever evolving to allow even more access between people. Facebook’s recently introduced “Facebook Live” has shown great success in a short time-span, with hundreds of thousands of people watching certain livestream videos simultaneously. Others outlets such as Periscope and Snapchat have also made way for large audiences to watch live and pre-recorded videos simultaneously. Social media is helping strengthen and broaden customer bases, offers a low overhead cost for business marketing, and increases overall website traffic.

With platforms ranging from LinkedIn to Instagram, everyone from the casual to the professional can be covered. Social media has a great way of being able to be tailored to any companies specific marketing needs very easily. By simply choosing which websites to work from, you are choosing specific user markets, and various ways of interacting with said users. increase-traffic-to-your-website-social-media

Because the majority of all services offered have no introductory or management fees, most of the cost of running social media sites for a business comes down to employee cost. Multiple social media sites can normally be managed by one or a handful of individuals, even up to the largest organizations.  Low overhead for marketing and customer engagement is always a huge plus, especially when you consider that you are also spreading brand recognition and bolstering SEO on major search engines for your websites as well.

SEO is quickly becoming the deciding factor about online discoverability, and has a direct correlation to online sales. Social media websites have a strong presence among websites because of the high amounts of traffic and crawlability. Facebook, Google, and Twitter are amongst the top 10 most visited websites on all of the internet. The ParkingZone has taken an in-house and hands-on approach, where many of the employees contribute to the creative process. We can be found online at Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. We hope to see and hear back from you soon!


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