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Sometimes You Have to Hurt the Ones You Love!

They're your customers and you love to have them, but sometimes a little tough love is in order.  Protecting your revenue is one of the most important elements in the parking industry. If you shy away from upsetting and possibly loosing a customer, don't. What good is a bad customer?

The ParkingZone has many products to help you enforce parking lot regulations and maintain control of revenue shrinkage.


RhinoBoot™ Extra Large Wheel Boot and Tire Lock

This easy-to-use RhinoBoot™ Extra Large Wheel Boot and Tire Lock clamps against the outer wheel using a stainless steel secure-bolt key system, which provides an effective tire lock.

The unit's high visibility finish offers superior protection against rust plus a one-time investment reusable for years to come, which is more cost-effective than towing!

Price: $663.50
Item: MIHRV14


Pit Bull Tire Lock™ Yellow Wheel Boot

This Pit Bull Tire Lock™ Yellow Wheel Boot is a lightweight yet extremely strong product made of an advanced aluminum alloy reinforced with 1/2-inch-thick, case hardened steel re-bar.

Virtually indestructable aluminum alloy arms form an unbreakable locking caliper. This tire lock attaches in under 10 seconds with no tools required and comes with two keys.

This unit weights only 12 pounds making it easy to store and transport. The tire width capability features a minimum of 2 inches to a maximum of 16 inches.

The wheel boot is powder coated with electrostatic yellow for high visibility

Price: $350.00


Motorcycle Boot and Stand

Our Motorcycle Boot and Stand is designed for effective motorcycle application and contructed from hardened steel.

This is the least tampered with wheel boot in the industry and comes with a stand.

Price: $365.00
Item: MIM4S

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