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Speed Bump and Speed Hump Supreme Savings!

Do you have a problem with motorists driving too quickly through your neighborhood, garage, parking lot, or private road? The ParkingZone has the best speed bumps and speed humps in the business! Our Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps and Humps are the best around, and if you haven’t heard, were lowering our prices! We are passing on a new low price to our customers for an even better deal on these great American-made products!

The Speed Bumps and Humps we offer are manufactured out of tough and durable 100% recycled rubber, and are resistant to weather, salt, moisture, UV light, corrosives, and temperature fluctuation! These speed bumps and humps will not become brittle or chip, and can be installed easily by a single person. Because they are made of recycled materials, these products are 100% recyclable at their end of life, saving you money and landfill space at the same time!

Starting now, our recycled Speed Bumps, Speed Humps and End Caps are all offered at manufacturer’s pricing, which means massive savings! Our single Yellow-Striped 6’ Speed Bump was offered at $126.00, and is now offered at $89.95, the Speed Hump End Caps are down to $35.75, and buying our pallet of Speed Bumps or Humps can save you up to $930! That’s a HUGE savings! Head over to our Speed Bump and Speed Hump section right now to check out the new and amazing deals from The ParkingZone, your One-Stop Parking Shop! Give us a call at our toll-free 800 number, or chat with us online if you have a question that needs answering, need help finding a specific product.

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