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Staying Prepared for Football Fever in Fall

Fall is here, nights are getting darker earlier, and football season is in full swing! Sporting events in the fall and winter months can be challenging and strenuous with weather, visibility, and traffic becoming even more difficult. Being located in the Pacific Northwest, the Parkingzone is able to bring its knowledge and experience with ever-changing weather condition to its customers. Allow us to help you with any problems you may face when dealing with the large crowds that football and other sporting events can create! Here are some of our tips to help park cars efficiently, keep personnel safe in poor weather, and make events more profitable.


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Earlier evenings, fog, rain, and other winter-related weather changes, make visibility poor. Our line of reflective event vests, gloves, and LED wands can add a large margin to the safety of your staff members. We offer a large range of styles and types of reflective event equipment to suit your facility’s needs, but check out these suggestions to get you started!

U-of-M-Goldy-Sign-waving-machine-ParkingZone-e1465507662357For something new and a little different, the ParkingZone is now offering automated sign waving machines with optional custom artwork! Your school, University or company mascot will look great standing out on the corner directing traffic, and this version won’t pass out in the cold or the heat when left out too long! Rechargeable and efficient, this sign-waving machine can be left running for hours. Changeable artwork allows for quick and easy transitions between different signage and message intended. Ask the Parkingzone more about this awesome, customizable product!

The ParkingZone is dedicated to helping supply and outfit you for the next big game or event! With our knowledgeable, friendly staff and huge product catalogue, we are sure that you will find what you’re looking for. If you are unsure, have a question, or need help finding a product, don’t hesitate calling the ParkingZone at 1-800-292-7275!

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