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Technological Advances Can Make Your Parking Business More Profitable - Infographic

Parking structures have come a long way in recent years, and necessarily so. The cost of operating a parking structure continues to rise, forcing owners to develop new strategies for monetizing their business. Fortunately, many operators are forging new ways to increase profits while minimizing costs, in ways that can also benefit the customer.

Increasing efficiency is a goal every owner should keep in mind. The benefits are many: It will create a more inviting atmosphere for customers, while increasing profits and reducing work for operators. You can boost efficiency by installing energy-efficient lighting, solar panels, and automated pay stations. Additionally, creating a user-friendly structure will keep customers coming back. This can be achieved with smart phone apps to help customers locate and price parking spaces, and retrieve their vehicles, for example.

Implementing these, and the changes below, can help reduce costs and create a safe, attractive environment that will benefit both customers and operators.


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