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Tesla's Entry-Level Offering Shakes the Industry

brfjalkteg2ibvfkjmikOn March 31 of this year, Elon Musk unveiled the all-new Tesla Model 3. This less-expensive
alternative to the Model S and X older brothers, aims to change the way the average commuter looks at cars. Starting at a price of around $35,000, the Model 3 seems to be not only Tesla’s entry level vehicle, but also, the premier all-electric vehicle choice to first-time electric car buyers. By looking into the technology packaged, price, or vehicles sold so far, the introduction of this vehicle brings many great things to the parking industry.

With Tesla known for their introduction of wireless vehicle updates, hands-free driving capabilities, and industry leading commitment to the introduction of a charging network across the United States, the Model 3 was sure to incorporate such previously known high-end wnmacvkbrn0egssl86szfeatures. The range of the vehicle will be over 200 miles, more than ample for an average person’s commute to and from work. The vehicle features a large touch screen that replaces all buttons and functions normally found on the center console of a car. From the radio, to the climate, or the headlight settings, all are controlled on one large floating screen.
dev1olnibkvgnioymgi3By offering a more accessible vehicle, Tesla is widening its target market to include younger, or more frugal buyers. Other auto makers have done just this in recent years, offering affordable, but quality products, seeing their largest growth within the SUV and Crossover market. Tesla follows this trend with functionality and safety followed by form, with a panoramic glass roof, hatchback, and large front and rear storage areas. Well-rounded and good value, the Model 3 was poised for success directly from its launch date.

And launch it did, with roughly a quarter of a million pre-orders within the first 72 hours. Over one hundred thousand people got their wallets out and wrote a check to Tesla without even seeing the car in person. How committed are people to vehicular based transportation still? Very apparently. Of course, that’s never a bad thing when the parking industry will have a few hundred thousand new cars to keep organized and parked.
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