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The Geneva Motor Show: Tomorrow's Vehicles for a Greener Future

The Geneva Motor ShowThe Geneva Motor Show has come and gone another year, though 2017 seemed to be one of the most exciting and jaw-dropping in the show’s more-than 100-year history. Technology, electricity, autonomy, speed, comfort, and design took top honors, as the world’s most prestigious and exotic makers and manufacturers revealed some of the most advanced and breath-taking automobiles ever created. Let the Parkingzone bring you on a brief but in-depth look at this years’ Geneva Motor Show.

The Geneva Motor ShowFor this year’s show, Ford has chosen to reveal a pocket-sized, planet-friendly, hot-hatch. Following the trend of downsizing and adding induction, the 2018 Ford Fiesta will be ditching the already small 1.6 liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine for an even-more compact 1.5 liter 3-cylinder. Proving to be more environmentally friendly and green-conscious, this tiny hatchback will also be a healthy performer, boasting 197 horsepower in European trim. The North American-bound car is assumed to be shown soon at the New York Auto Show.

The Geneva Motor ShowEmerson Fittipaldi, the side-burned Brazilian and two-time Formula 1 World Champion showed up to Geneva with his own interpretation of a road-going racecar. The Fittipaldi EM7 is a yellow and carbon-fiber streak, even standing still; with its long, flowing body work and narrow cockpit. With the introduction of vehicles like this, it seems the fossil fuel era and vehicles as we know it, will be around for at least a while longer.The Geneva Motor Show

Tesla Motors has proven the concept of an electric vehicle functioning within a modern society and traffic environment, also while becoming somewhat of a cult symbol for wealth, success, and global ecology. The electric vehicle is becoming more appealing and accessible to many Americans, and the Pininfarina H600 takes the electric vehicle to the next level. Cutting edge Chinese battery and motor technology is paired seamlessly with beautifully sculpted Italian bodywork. Hybrid Kinetic Group, the Chinese manufacturer responsible for the electronics, claims a more than 600-mile range on a full charge, and less than 3 seconds to 60 miles per hour from a standstill; impressive claims.The Geneva Motor Show

The Geneva Motor Show, again, was filled with some of the most spectacular and interesting automobiles in the world. With beautiful, advanced, and economical vehicles dominating the spotlight at the Geneva Motor Show, the parking industry can sit happy knowing that more cars and drivers will be on the horizon looking for a spot to park.


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