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The Importance of Updates; Viruses and Visuals

samsung-galaxy-s7-edge-out-about-20     It seems that nowadays, the newest iPhone comes out every other month. The consumer electronics market has exploded within the last twenty years, with many improvements and revolutions in design and technology. Though it is best to think, did you update your software the last time you upgraded one of your devices? Software and drivers are being forgotten as auto-updates and wireless syncing has become more common, but it is critical to the performance of all your electronics to stay vigilant about driver, program, and software updates.

Regularly updating your internet browser isweb-browser
important for many reasons. From purely a visual standpoint, media windows, interactive portions, clickable functions, animations, and the general look of the web can differ when running out of date versions. Many websites will notify the user if some features are being edited from the final presentation of the page, but others will edit the page to its specifications, so it is best to stay on top of routine browser maintenance. Flash is commonly updated often as to allow embedded media in pages, and it is good practice to closely monitor this software, as well.

internet-security-1-600x300Common browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, are all susceptible to malware. Internet Explorer, however, is more commonly known to be extra permeable when it comes to viruses and malware. Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser, dominating 70% of all internet traffic, and for good reason. It has consistently been secure, flexible, and well-reviewed, but can begin under-performing and pick up malware just as any other browser if not updated regularly. Remember to make sure you have the latest patches and updates next time you log online.

internet-of-things-2 rtg     By upgrading to a more flexible, secure, and up to date browser, you are able to experience the internet and all its features in its entirety. Updates and patches help the user experience the internet with less hiccups by staying up to date on added functionality, changing technology, or the newest super bug. Don’t think about calling the computer doctor next time a website is not loading correctly, first think about the last time you checked for updates.

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