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Valet Parking Supplies for the Professional!


Valet parking has long been used to increase convenience and aid efficiency. Whether parking is too far away, your customers require their cars to be stored safely, or weather is a major factor, many customers rely on the services of valet attendants and their employers. The ParkingZone has long offered many items designed specifically to help employers and employees manage, store, and return vehicles safely to their owners. Here are some of the products we offer that can help your business or facility run to its maximum potential!


Elite 50 Hook Metal Key Box - This is one of many different versions and sizes of valet key boxes that we offer. Its 50-hook design will fit many modestly-sized locations, but still small enough to mount inside a cabinet, closet, or onto a wall. It is built out of sturdy galvanized steel plate, and locks solidly with a key and paddle handle, which keeps unwanted hands off of customers’ keys. This is a must-have item for every single valet service!

Elite 50-hook Cabinet

sdmrvalet_valet_station_combination_unit_2_1The Mr. Valet Combo Unit has everything a valet service needs to run efficiently in one single piece of equipment. Heavy-duty casters allow the unit to be moved to and from location, as well as into storage when necessary. An optional umbrella and LED lights mounted inside the drawer make this podium functional in all-weather and all-year. Another great function of this cabinet is that the upper 50-hook box and the lower 100-hook podium can be detached, allowing for greater cost-effectiveness.

Mr. Valet Combination Unit


Two accessories that can improve functionality in low lighting and/or poor weather are the Magnetic-Base Aluminum LED Light, and Valet Umbrella. Using magnets to stick onto, inside, on anywhere on steel valet cabinets or any other steel surface. This allows for creative solutions to tight spaces or away from structures where light was previously difficult to come by. The umbrella is waterproof, comes in different colors, and fits most standard knock-outs on podiums. Keep your attendants dry in the rain and close to the cars with this great solution for inclement weather.

SDUMBLKVALETMagnetic-Base Aluminum LED Light


Valet Umbrella


Valet Supplies - Valet parking can be a complex service, but these great products are sure to help make the job easier. Whether you need a cabinet for storing keys for a brand-new business upgrading to new equipment, or just trying to stay dry in the rain, we can help you out. No matter your needs, The ParkingZone will be able to help you find what you are looking for. Check out our “Valet” section of products, as well as check out our other sections!

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